Your Assets Should Reflect YOU!

Branding well is beyond your logo and color palette; every piece of your brand is about connection. Branding essentials are custom designs to help support female founders run their business while taking the guesswork out of design.

Hire us as your Strategic Brand Designer for all your custom digital design needs!

The Design Process

We’ll collaborate, strategize, and start with intention. The kind of heart-led, intentional design that offers meaning to you, fuels your passion, and sings to your people. The holistic approach allows you to deeply connect you to your brand and branding assets.

Through our detailed and client-specific process we ensure that each client feels educated and empowered. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to offer a hands-on approach to bringing your vision to life.


01. Discovery

After you've completed our application inquiry form, we'll have a video call to meet and discuss your needs. Should we decide that we're aligned, we'll work to create your completely custom proposal and send you everything you need to secure your start date in our design calendar.

02. Onboard

After you've said yes to working together, you will receive your client welcome kit, project timeline, creative brief, and a detailed process and plan to get you started.

03. Strategy + Concepts

This is where we work collaboratively to develop your brand strategy and research. We will ensure that we align your brand's unique story, purpose, passion, and people. At this stage, we will also develop design concepts (mood boards, direction or style concepts) or coaching goals.

04. Design & Refine

For our design clients: Once the initial concepts or mood boards are approved, we begin to work on your original designs. We will present two original concepts via a comprehensive recorded walkthrough presentation and custom PDF or webpage mockup. Based on your feedback, we will work to refine your chosen concept. 

05. Delivery

With the finalization of your designs approved, all designs and deliverables will be packaged for you. All design will be accompanied alongside training materials, resources, and guides. 

Digital Marketing & Collateral Essentials For Female Founders

Sometimes it can get overwhelming as a business owner. Feeling like you can never design your quotes or stories on Instagram? Maybe, you just need help designing a stunning PowerPoint? Or a new press kit?

You want your feed to look beautiful and cohesive. You want your assets to match your brand without spending a ton of time, I GET IT!

We offer custom single design assets and materials as part of our collaborative partnership with entrepreneurs.

We offer a variety of unique bundling options. To inquire about additional design services, submit an inquiry

Made in the U.S.

LACo Creative Studios is proudly based in Atlanta, Georgia, but serves women from all over the U.S. and beyond.

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