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A Free Pinterest Workshop 

If you still think Facebook and Instagram are the be-all and end-all of social media marketing tools, think again.

Pinterest is one of the best content-driven platforms in the market. If you’re not on it, you’re missing out.

Over 400 million people use Pinterest monthly.
89% of users come to this website specifically looking for purchase inspiration.
You can find over 75 billion ideas on Pinterest.
50% of Pinterest users have made a purchase because of a Promoted Pin.

What Is Align. Pin. Profit?
Who is it For?

A free workshop designed to help content creators, bloggers, and brand owners learn the basics of Pinterest. Increase your organic reach, create beautiful pins, and generate website traffic on autopilot.

What You’ll Learn

Pinterest setup & scheduling

Get set up the right way and kick off your pin planning strategy. 

Pin Boards & Pinterest SEO

Learn about pinboards and setting up your pins to rank + bring traffic to your posts. 

Pinterest calendar & community engagement

How to plan your Pinterest calendar & grow your community with group boards. 

Creating free pins In CANVA

Learn the basics of creating great high converting pins. 

Recent Pinterest Data

Analytics from recent Pinterest analytics featured on

Online Resources

Brand Audit Workbook

Want to learn how your brand is doing? Take the brand audit quiz and get a free checklist on all the essential items you need to BrandWell. 

The Essentials of Goal Setting

I’ve been using this recipe for goal setting success for years. Check it out!

Digital Marketing Consulting

Want to do what I do, have a question or problem needing a solution? Book a 1:1 coaching session to unpack, gain clarity, or learn a new skill. 

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