We’re a boutique branding studio; fusing harmony and intention with heart-led design to help purposeful & passion-led entrepreneurs tell their brand story. 

We’re passionate about connecting the dots of your brand’s purpose, product, presence, and people so your brand and business feel cohesive across all touch points all the time

Through research and strategy together we create a branding experience that highlights your purpose, sings to your people, and brings your story to life through intentional design and strategic branding.

Our Core Values





Quality Work


The Woman Behind the Brand

Autumn Colon is the multi-passionate creative, self-taught designer and CEO behind LACo (L.A.C.O) Creative Studios.

Autumn values family first and pushes the power of leading a purposeful, passion-led life. She shares this through creative storytelling, designing with the heart first, and living intentionally from the inside out.

To be in alignment with your purpose you must first be in alignment with yourself. Autumn believes in the power of mindfulness and knows first hand the important role our health plays in running a successful business. She is dedicated to helping others look inwardly and strive for harmony vs. balance in their lives and businesses.

A St. John’s University graduate Autumn studied Public Relations and it’s there she learned to build her first portfolio website (besides those HTML pages on myspace) and she’s been building and creating projects for herself, her friends, and clients ever since.

As a wife and mom of two Autumn aims to live her life with intention, harmony, and freedom and believes her purpose has led to building LACo Creative to help passionate entrepreneurs do the same.  In addition to the studio, Autumn is an actress, speaker and runs a women’s wellness and family lifestyle blog that is centered around making self-care, motherhood, mental health, and holistic nutrition relatable.

Let’s Align

Branding is more than just one element; it’s about connection. From patterns, illustrations, photo research to custom code, our goal is to make sure that at the end of this process your brand feels like a natural fit for both you and your audience.

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