We’re a Black Women-owned creative marketing strategy & web design studio

supporting small businesses & creative brands in tailoring their online presence to attract new & existing audiences through best-in-class brand strategy and alignment, innovative social media and digital marketing campaigns +  dope web design

We’re passionate about connecting the dots of your brand’s purpose, product, presence, and people so your brand and business feel cohesive across all touch points all the time

Through research and strategy together we’ll create compelling marketing campaigns, branding experiences, or digital assets that highlight your purpose, sing to your people, and bring profit to your business. 

The Studio Team

Autumn Colon About me page

Autumn Colon

Founder & Creative Director

Cristal Pantaleon

Sr. Account Manager

Ange Colon, Laco Creative

Angel Colon Sr.


Alyssa Lui

Alyssa Lui

Web Developer

Em Couillard

Influencer Marketing Manager

Ange Colon, Laco Creative

Tornae Holloway

Account Manager

Our Core Values

Our Story

As a Social Media & Digital Marketing leader who has demonstrated success at driving transformative change that reflects an intuitive understanding of audience needs and desires Autumn Colon established the LACo Creative Studios consulting agency in 2019. She wanted to utilize this 10+ years of experience and expertise to help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs launch, sustain, grow and align their brands. 

Our studio helps take your brand’s online presence to the next level.

Since our inception we’ve developed best-in-class 360 marketing strategies, specializing in purpose-driven storytelling, content curation, social media strategy, management, and WordPress web design for a wide range of clients in the consulting, coaching, retail, and influencer industry.

Innovative Creative Marketing Campaigns

Delivering clients best-in-class digital marketing solutions to grow your business.

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