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We’re a boutique design studio for passionate and purpose-led entrepreneurs who want to gain confidence in themselves and their brand identity.

BeWell, BrandWell

To walk in alignment with our purpose we must first be in alignment with ourselves.

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Where Strategy + Harmony & Intention Meet Heart-led Design to

Align Your Business

Our heart-led intentional design and holistic approach allows you to deeply connect you to your brand and business.

We’ll collaborate, strategize, and start with intention so you’ll walk away feeling confident and proud with the brand identity you deserve,

Signature Services

Branding is the livelihood of our business.  We will work together to bring your brand to life and develop a brand identity that speaks to your why and sings to your people. Our signature program guides you from idea through execution of your brand. 

We create a bespoke website to showcase your brand’s work and content, creating a high converting online space that is unique to your brand style. Our researched backed WordPress websites are designed and optimized to convert readers into buyers.

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Autumn Colon is the multi-passionate creative, designer, and CEO behind LACo (L.A.Co) Creative Studios.

Autumn values family first and pushes the power of leading a purposeful, passion-led life. She shares this through creative storytelling, designing with the heart first, and living intentionally from the inside out. 

To be in alignment with your purpose you must first be in alignment with yourself. Autumn believes in the power of mindfulness and knows first hand the important role our health plays in running a successful business.  She is dedicated to helping others look inwardly and strive for harmony vs. balance in their lives and businesses.

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See what our clients are saying about us!

Beyond Picket Fences had an amazing experience with LACo Creative. Their exceptional customer-driven focus paired up with their project management skills made the entire process very easy! The final project exceeded expectations

Naomi Marquez

Beyond Picket Fences

Working with L. Autumn Co. helped me go through the process of getting clear on my brand. I didn’t realize how important having a clearly defined brand would impact my business. I am beyond grateful for the team and how they have helped me and my business.

Toni-Ann H Mayembe

Real Happy Mom

I immediately trusted my project in the hands of LACo because of their immediate customer relation building. The communication was direct and responsive. 


Global Integration Consulting

Does this sound like you?


You have a vision you want to bring to life but you’re stuck on how to execute.


You’ve been DIY’ing your brand for the longest but you’re ready to build a standout presence and position your brand for consistent and lasting results.


You are stressed and overwhelmed with posting online about your business because you don’t know where your people are or how to reach them.


You are tired of feeling insecure about your brand’s website.


You’ve started your brand in a few different directions but are now looking to get clear on your purpose, audience, & offer with a stand-out website. 


You’re ready to position yourself as the authority in your field and provide value to your audience with clear messaging and strategy that converts into paying clients. 

Your Investment

Brands who partner with LACo Creative know that an investment in their brand directly affects the fate and future of their business. They know that their choice to establish quality branding now will set them up for long-term success later.


What You Can Expect From Us

Our role is to equip you with the necessary tools to to show up consciously & consistently. You will walk away confident in yourself, your online presence.

Uniquely You

We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs tell their unique stories through visual design and branded essentials. Our offerings, product lines, and courses are carefully curated and customized with you in mind.

Let’s Align

Branding is more than just one element; it’s about connection. From patterns, illustrations, photo research to custom code, our goal is to make sure that at the end of this process your brand feels like a natural fit for both you and your audience.

We help you be well brandwell from the inside out. 

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